We are now up and running for 2015! Our display is available for viewing until Jan 2nd, 2016 nightly from dusk to 10pm.

2015-11-25 19.38.26

For the 2015 Season:

We have over 35000 incadescent lights on over 300 independently controlled channels.

This year we have added a pixel controller and over 1000 pixels, which are each individually addressed.

The show is running several flavors of custom built Renard hardware, all controlled by Vixen Lights Software.

You can see the show “Live” from dusk – 10pm Monday-Sunday

For 2015 – Shorter shows, featuring 2-3 songs per night, and changing nightly. So what you may see one night, will be different the next.

You can listen to the music simultaneously on FM 106.9.
We will be broadcasting Christmas music 24/7 on that station.

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